frequently asked Questions


How can I register and login?

You will find the registration button at the welcome page in the top menu to the right.

What are my login details?

To create an account, please enter your email address and your own password. Afterwards follow the rest of the process.

How can I see prices?

After registration you can see all prices. All prices include assembly and dismantling.

You forget your password?

Please send an email to We will send you a new password.


How can I order?

Place items in your shopping cart. Check your shopping list with the shopping cart. Then choose the payment method.

How can I see an order from the previous year?

Log in with the login data you have already saved. In the customer area, the order history is visible under "History and details of your orders". You can access the customer area via your login at the top right.

What are discount prices?

Discount prices are granted until the mentioned deadline. Orders placed after the deadline are costlier. To save time and money, read all service descriptions carefully and place your orders as early as possible.

What is a PO number?

Your internal order number (if required), which we are happy to include to the invoice.

Where can I find dimensions for the item?

After selecting the item, all dimensions are visible in the description.


How do I get my invoice?

After internal verification, the invoice will be sent from our accounting team within 3 working days.

What are the possible payment methods?

Payment is possible by bank transfer or by credit card (Secupay), after you received the invoice. Please note that the payment is a deposit payment and must be received with us until the build-up starts at the latest.


What are the dimensions of my graphic?

After selecting the item, all dimensions are visible in the description.

Where can I find the graphic data?

Use our general data graphic sheet to create your graphic. You can download the data sheet directly in the article underneath the description.

How can I send my graphics to cubicworx?

Please send your graphic files as a PDF or the download link to

Can I add my own graphics on site?

After the event please remove all the brought along posters residue-free. For every wall surface that needs to be cleaned due to remaining stickers, we will charge an additional cleaning fee of 45.00 €/h net.

For every walls with non-removable residues, we will charge a replacement-fee of 88.00 € net.

Do I get a proof?

Since you are sending us print-ready data, you will not receive a proof. Print-ready data is data for further processing. A proof copy is therefore not required.

After the data has been sent, cubicworx will check the dimensions and adapt them to the print material.


Assembly and disassembly

When will the furniture be delivered to my stand?

You will find the times for set up in the exhibitor manuel from the organizer. Up to this point in time your booked furniture will be delivered to your booth. If you still have questions or requests, please contact our cubicworx helpdesk in the hall.

Is the furniture delivered and picked up again?

Furnishings booked with cubicworx will be delivered before the event and picked up after the end of the event. So you get an all-round carefree package.

How will my booth be set up with the furniture I ordered?

We set up your stand according to many years of experience.

If you have an exactly vision for your booth, please send a sketch to

Is a rendering of the booth included?

A rendering of the booth is not included in the price.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact